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Antioch University’s MBA Announced as One of the Top 21 MBA in Sustainability Programs by

Antioch University was ranked as the 12th best MBA in Sustainability program for 2021 by, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning. evaluated 114 educational MBA programs based on flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost, and reputation to rank their top 21 programs. The chosen programs included online, on campus, and hybrid programs that lead to an MBA with a focus on Sustainability. Each program features business courses, as well as courses in corporate ethics, business sustainability, the effects of climate change on business, sustainable accounting and finance, and more.

When researching a degree, looks for three initial criteria: nonprofit, accredited, and flexibility. Using these three criteria to narrow down the list of potential programs, they then evaluate each program based on five factors: program strength, student readiness, return on investment, cost, and student engagement. The combination of these scores provides an Intelligent Score for each university on a scale from 0 to 100. The top picks are highly-regarded, economical, and equipped with the tools needed to teach their given degree. Access the complete ranking here.

Antioch University’s online MBA prepares students to thrive in a dynamic, diverse, and innovative world where business acumen, leadership ability, and practical application are critically important – and marketable – skills. Antioch’s MBA features the mutual importance of people, planet, and profit in building and leading successful organizations and communities in the 21st century often referred to as the triple bottom line approach.