CARES Funds – AUS Students

Dear Antioch Student:

One aspect of our University’s commitment to the common good and to the nurturing of a positive learning environment is doing our part to support student safety and security. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to adopt new ways of working in new conditions, and for some of you, those conditions suddenly have become precarious. Fortunately, the Federal CARES Act makes some money available to institutions to distribute to students who have been impacted by the closing of campus facilities. Because the initial round of funding was focused on serving undergraduate students in residential universities, our share of the CARES Act funding is relatively small. We recognize, though, that even a little bit of support might go a long way for some of our students, and we also recognize that some students might be in greater need than others at this point in time. Therefore, we invite all eligible students to apply for support from Antioch’s share of the CARES Act funding.

The federal government has dedicated funds exclusively for students who meet Title IV eligibility requirements. Eligibility will be determined by students completing the 2019/20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have already completed your 2019/20 FAFSA and are receiving student aid, you are eligible for CARES Act funding. If you have not completed a 2019/20 FAFSA form but would like to be considered for CARES Act funds, you will be given an opportunity to notify Financial Aid via the form below. Unfortunately, students who are not eligible for financial aid are not eligible for CARES act distributions at this time.

Because the CARES Act funding to universities can only be used to help students who took a financial hit from the closure of campus facilities in early March 2020, the only expenses that can be claimed are expenses associated with the loss of on-site campus services or with our move to remote instruction. These services include but are not limited to computer use and any associated software programs or online services needed to complete academic coursework or research, access to scanners, access to printers and printing supplies, and library materials. Costs associated with our move to remote instruction include but are not limited to course readers, enhanced WiFi service or internet speed in your home, laptops or other devices necessary for course access, or other expenses associated with the establishment of a home environment conducive to participation in your classes.

In order to apply for funding, please login to AUDirect and complete the form. The form will be accessible ONLY to the respective Provost and/or Associate Provost and to the Director and Associate Director of Financial Aid at Antioch University. Unless required under federal regulations, no personally identifiable information will be shared with outside entities. We must be able to provide a rationale for our distribution of the funds, but the Department of Education will not ask us for documentation of individual expenditures and you will not need to provide receipts or additional justification. Once you complete the form, you will be notified by our University financial aid department about your allocation.

Antioch is committed to distributing our funding as equitably as possible, which is why we have elected to determine student needs on an individual basis rather than awarding the same amount of funding to every eligible student. We will do our best to accommodate most needs, recognizing that our funds are limited. We hope that you have the support you need, and we trust that for some of you, even a small award from our CARES Act allocation will provide the support you need to continue your studies without interruption.

CARES Act funding may not be the only source of support available to you. While we work with the federal government to secure additional funding, you may wish to connect with Financial Aid to learn about other available options.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact your respective provost or reach out directly to Antioch University Financial Aid at [email protected].


Ben Pryor

Provost, Antioch University Seattle