AUNE Clinical Psychology Presenting at 2020 Virtual Diversity Challenge

Individuals with trans and gender expansive identities are at greater risk for trauma, oppression, and death than their cisgender peers, and those who are also Indigenous and People of Color (IPOC) have intersecting oppressions that lead to even greater risk. For the 20th Anniversary of Diversity Challenge: Goodbye “Isms,” Hello Future! , Dr. Kate Evarts Rice and students Quynh Tran, Raynalde Schagen, and Susana Gomez are going to engage participants in a structured discussion about a marginalized population that is often overlooked in media, academia, research, and even discussions of oppression and liberation. While centering voices and creativity of Trans People of Color (TPOC), and after naming their own positionality, the presenters will provide a brief background on identities, gender minority stress and resilience, and covert cultural sexual abuse. Through structured discussion, themes from a cultural analysis of popular images of TPOC, including themes of trauma, resilience, and intersecting oppressions, will be explored, and recommendations for a way forward will be proposed.

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Evarts Rice, K., Tran, Q., Schagen., R & Gomez, S. (2020). Trauma, Resilience, and Intersecting Oppressions: Toward a Future Shaped by Trans People of Color as Cultural Creator.