Alumna Dissertation Provides Insight into Global Virtual Team Experiences

PhD in Leadership and Change alumna Dr. Lejla Bilal Maley has published her dissertation entitled Teaming at a Distance: The Work Experience on Global Virtual Teams.

Global Virtual Teams (GTVs) enable organizations to become more flexible, to adapt and react to turbulent, complex and dynamic environments, span boundaries such as space, time, and geography, while working collaboratively to achieve a shared purpose. Due to their reliance on technology for communication, knowledge sharing, and project management, structural and nonstructural components of their design must exist to enable these teams to flourish at the edge of innovation. The human experience of working in virtual teams remains insufficiently observed, yet crucial to their sustainability. This dissertation study employed an exploratory sequential mixed methods design to provide insights into the experience of working as a member or leader on a GVT.

Lejla Bilal Maley is originally from Bosnia. She now lives and works in Columbus, Ohio and is currently manager of international product at McGraw Hill. She is also a co-founder and consultant at Transform·Ed Collaborative and has seven years of English and foreign language teaching experience in the K-12 and Higher Education setting.