Your Chance to Read the Spring 2019 PsyD Newsletter

Our Spring 2019 PsyD Newsletter is now available to the general public online, here! This quarter’s edition includes a faculty profile, a list of spring community meetings, a list of student internship and pre-internship placements, a student presentation schedule for the 2019 American Psychological Association Convention, a list of PsyD student research and interest groups, and a list of this quarter’s dissertation defenses.

The four-page faculty profile gives an in-depth look into the life of Dr. Steve Curtis. In addition to his work in Washington State, Dr. Curtis is also licensed as a Conditional Prescribing Psychologist in New Mexico, where he also works. He explains, “since the spring of 2017, I have been flying back and forth.” He also talks about his work with children, as well as his life outside of psychology. Dr. Curtis is an extremely active tennis player, saying “at any one point in time, I am involved in two or three leagues.”

There are five spring community meetings listed, and each one was also given a recap, explaining what took place in the meetings. Meeting titles include, but are not limited to, “Treating Racial and Historical Trauma: Clinical Considerations and Practices” and “Travels with the Self: Interpreting Psychology as Cultural History.”

The list of AUS PsyD student internship and pre-internship placements for the 2019-2020 school year gives an opportunity to wish our PsyD students good luck! Similarly, the list of AUS PsyD student presentations scheduled for the upcoming 2019 APA Convention this August gives another opportunity to celebrate our students’ hard work, as well as their many cutting-edge contributions to the field of psychology.

Nine AUS PsyD interest and research groups are showcased in-depth in the next section. Topics include, “Positive Psychology and Strength-Based Interventions,” “The Institute of War Stress Injuries, Recovery, and Social Justice,” and “Some Other Isms: Speciesism, Carnism, and Veganism,” and more.

The newsletter concludes with the dissertation defense titles and abstracts for the following PsyD candidates who presented their dissertations this March through May: Christine Amy Treece, Kirsten Robertson, Elizabeth Scriven, and Shon Powell.

Of course, if you would like to read this newsletter for yourself, it is available here.