Paper on orange background that says, Honor Women's History. Inspire the future.

Women’s History Month

The history of women in the U.S. is, in so many ways, the history of our nation itself. However, contributions of women and non-binary people are often missing from the history books. This month we recognize and attempt to correct this deliberate erasure. 

Here at Antioch, we work every day to continue building on our history as an institution that supports the rights of women and promotes their importance in higher education. At its founding, Antioch was notable not just for offering education to women on an equal level as men but also for being the first university in the U.S. to pay female professors the same as their male counterparts. In the 171 years since tens of thousands of women have completed Antioch degrees, and many hundreds have served as faculty and staff. 
To celebrate women’s history at Antioch, today we are re-releasing fifteen notable profiles and interviews from Common Thread, Antioch Alumni Magazine, and The Seed Field Podcast. They provide a good starting point to understand the incredible contributions of women to our university—and to our wider world.