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Women in Leadership Certificate Programs

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Women in Leadership Certificate Program to be Offered Online Through SBCC School of Extended Learning in Partnership with New Second Level Program Launching at Antioch University Online and Extended Education

Certificate Programs To Provide Opportunities To Understand Barriers Women Face and To Share Practical, Actionable Strategies To Overcome Them

The new SBCC Women in Leadership Certificate (Level 1) online program will launch in fall of 2021, providing a unique opportunity for women to develop essential leadership skills for career advancement. The three-month program is being offered through the SBCC School of Extended Learning. It is the new rendition of a similar program that was previously offered through Antioch University Santa Barbara. Beginning in February 2021, AU Online will offer the Women in Leadership Level 2 Certificate to help women further develop and hone their strengths, navigate generative conversations about race in the workplace, and understand how they can lead and develop a transformative “action plan” for the community and/or the workplace that focuses on a framework of equity, inclusion and intersectionality.

“Out of 500 Fortune 500 companies, precisely two are led by women of color. Hardly better, only 33 have women CEOs of any race,” said Dr. Jacqueline Reid, Director of both Women in Leadership programs. “For many, the ‘glass ceiling’ is more like a ‘concrete ceiling.’ These programs were designed to help women face the challenges and obstacles holding them back from leadership roles. The good news is that since this pandemic started, more women at all career levels have been tapped by their companies to participate in leadership development in an effort to grow a diverse talent pool. We hope to support women so that they can take on these new leadership challenges, bringing gender parity within the workplace.”

The SBCC School of Extended Learning will be offering the Level 1 online program in partnership with the SBCC Foundation, which is providing funding for the course.

“We are excited about this new entry-level opportunity for women who are early-to-mid-career professionals interested in accelerating their advancement,” added Reid. “Every participant will learn about their strengths, practice public speaking and negotiation skills, understand how to ‘brand’ their leadership identity, as well as develop an action plan to hone their leadership skills based on other topics that will be covered over the residency period.

“Students will benefit from outstanding instruction, opportunities for collaboration, and one-on-one coaching,” said Geoff Green, CEO of the SBCC Foundation. “The Foundation is committed to supporting pathways for students to change their lives through education, as with this highly relevant and respected program.”

Antioch University’s Level 2 Women in Leadership Certificate program focuses on transformational leadership within the social change movement. The program’s goal is to bring together early- and mid-career women who are clearly aware of the professional challenges that they face and provide these women opportunities to enhance their confidence and leadership skills within a social justice framework. Participants will deepen their skills and self-confidence, build strong networks of support, and plan a career path for the future in the context of social change. Over three months, meeting virtually two weekends a month, participants will engage in hands-on experiences and develop practical skills to navigate the workplace and elicit change in the community.

“Antioch has a long history of social justice and was the first college in the country to have a woman faculty member as equal to her male counterparts,” said Dr. Terry Ratcliff, Antioch University Provost for Distance and Extended Education. “This Certificate is based on pillars within a social justice framework of equity, inclusion, and intersectionality.”

At the end of the program, students will have formed an “action plan” for a specific leadership goal. Creating the action plan will include identifying a need in an organization for positive change, coming up with personal and professional goals for the action plan, identifying skills and strengths that the women already have to achieve their vision, and then making it happen.

Information on the fall 2021 launch ob the SBCC Women in Leadership Certificate program will be released later this spring. For more information on the Level 2 program, go to the Antioch Women in Leadership Certificate website. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jacqueline Reid at [email protected].

The Antioch Women in Leadership Certificate (Level 2) online program fee is $2,000.  Scholarships are also available through the website.

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