Justine Ang Fonte

Justine Ang Fonte Shares Expertise on Hulu’s Planet Sex

Justine Ang Fonte, an award-winning educator on Sexual Education and Antioch University faculty member, appeared as an expert in the hit TV docuseries Planet Sex with Cara Delevigne. In the episode titled “Pornucopia,” she discusses the importance of Sex Education and Porn Literacy—topics she teaches about in Antioch’s Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education programs.

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Big Idea: Destigmatizing Sex

We’re getting ready to launch Season Four of the Seed Field Podcast and we’re putting together two mini-episodes that revisit interviews from Season Three and pull out the themes that consistently run through them. When discussing sexuality, sex therapy, and sex education there is the only thing we can count on- variation. When we allow individuals to know that variation is the only “normative” part of sexuality, then we get to live with less shame and more joy.

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S3E3: The Tools of Sex Therapy Can Nurture Healthier Relationships

Sexual education is extremely important and we need more of it. In the second episode of our mini-series about human sexuality we talk with Dr. Theodore Burns about the need for educators to go beyond the “SexEd” class, incorporating open and sex-positive discussions about sexuality, and gender also across young people’s educations. Dr. Burns, a therapist and educator specializing in sexuality and gender, shares with us key strategies to create culturally responsive, sex-positive learning environments that make children safer.