Zoe Weil

Zoe Weil holding her book The World Becomes What We Teach
Zoe Weil holding her book “The World Becomes What We Teach.”

Zoe Weil is adjunct faculty in the MA in Humane Education program at Antioch University’s New England campus and founder of Institute for Humane Education (IHE). In 2022, her book, The World Becomes What We Teach: Educating a Generation of Solutionaries, became a #1 Amazon best seller in Philosophy and Social Aspects of Education. The book encapsulates many of the ideas studied and practiced throughout the humane education courses taught in IHE’s partnership with Antioch University.

The World Becomes What We Teach provides a vision and practical roadmap for re-imagining education, rooted in teaching students to be solutionaries who apply what they learn in the classroom to solve problems in their community and world. Teachers and students describe solutionary-focused education as game-changing for children, schools, and communities, and the ideas in this book are being adopted by school districts across the U.S. and beyond.

“Yes, we face potential disasters, systemic injustices, and widespread cruelties, and yes, through the right kind of education, we can solve these problems,” says Weil. “Given all these factors, doesn’t it make sense for schools to ensure that students understand the formidable challenges before them; to prepare young people to address these challenges; and to engage youth in cultivating their ability and desire to create meaningful solutions to potentially calamitous global problems?”

Praise from Jane Goodall: “If we are putting hope for the future of our planet in our young people, then they must have the tools and feel empowered to take on the world’s greatest challenges. The World Becomes What We Teach offers such direction for the very educators who are working with these young people today.”

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