Yulia Tolstikov-Mast To Lead Workshop on Context and Language in International Followership Studies

Yulia Tolstikov-Mast smiling looking to the right,

Graduate School of Leadership and Change Teaching Faculty member Yulia Tolstikov-Mast, PhD, will lead a workshop on context and language in international followership studies and a discussion about global followership as a force for global change at the Global Followership Conference at the University of Strathclyde this coming April. Followership studies are about engagement, succession planning, high performance, and a healthy organizational culture.

Before joining Antioch University, Tolstikov-Mast was the Chair and Professor of Ethical and Creative Leadership in the Interdisciplinary PhD Program at the Union Institute & University. In this role, Yulia enhanced the ECL curriculum by introducing the intersection of global leadership, followership, and social justice to the concentration and dissertations. 

Additionally, she was recently a guest on the Lead and Follow podcast, which highlighted her expertise in the power and influence of global followership.