Workshop on Decolonial Interspecies Justice Hosted on New England Campus

In September 2022, Julia Gibson, PhD, faculty in New England’s Environmental Studies program, and Will Kymlicka, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, organized a full-day workshop on Decolonial Interspecies Justice.

The workshop, produced with the support of Antioch University’s Environmental Studies Department and the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics research group at Queen’s University, brought together leading international scholars grappling with what it means to pursue justice for multi-species contexts and communities under settler-colonialism. Topics ranged from ableist ecologies of oppression to colonial ontologies of mosquitos, and from abolition to intergenerational justice. Attended by Antioch students and faculty, the workshop served as a nexus for environmental humanities researchers to engage in the extended, in-person dialogue that is so crucial to their work.