Torin Finser Speaks at a Conference in Brazil

Torin Finser

Torin Finser, PhD, core faculty in Education at Antioch’s New England campus, spoke at a national conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in October about his book A Second Classroom. The book, translated into Portuguese by Livia Ribeiro, provides a thorough exploration of the parent–teacher relationship, offering practical advice to spark meaningful conversations, encourage self-reflection, and promote relational practices that foster a sense of community within and around schools.

“What cannot adequately be described are the rush of sights and sounds in the largest city in Brazil, the 5th largest in the world, the warmth and hospitality of the people, enthusiasm for Waldorf education, and thirst for new social initiatives and pathways forward in our troubled world,” says Finser. “Teachers in Brazil are compensated at a very low salary, yet they turned out to attend these workshops and, in some cases, travel great distances. They are deeply committed to themes of social justice and educational renewal.”

Finser, who holds a PhD in educational leadership from Union Graduate School, an MA in education from Adelphi University, and a BA from Bowdoin College, boasts a rich background in teaching and leadership. He is a prominent figure in educational consulting, specializing in organizational dynamics and leadership development. Finser has delivered keynote speeches at conferences worldwide, and his work has been translated into multiple languages. His contributions span topics such as school renewal, organizational integrity, and parent-teacher relations in Waldorf schools.