Shandell Maxwell Publishes “Keep Going: A JEDI Journal for Activists”

Shandell Maxwell ’21 (GSLC PhD) recently self-published a new journal entitled Keep Going: A JEDI Journal for Activists. The resource aims to inspire activists to reflect and document lived experiences and social observations for meaning, motivation, affirmation, and reconciliation. She was also featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine, which utilizes storytelling to highlight small business owners, artists, and creatives.

Maxwell is the Chief Executive Officer of Byrd & Maxwell Coaching Institute, where she coaches veterinary professionals on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and management practices. She also serves as the Assistant Director on the Learning for Equity team at Rising Communities, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting communities in South Los Angeles.

Learn more about Maxwell and read her dissertation Religious Racial Socialization: The Approach of a Black Pastor at an Historic Black Baptist Church in Orange County, California here.