Paul Bocko ’96, ’08

Paul Bocko smiling standing outside

Paul Bocko, PhD ’96, ’08 (New England, MS in Environmental Studies and MEd in Organization & Management), faculty in the New England Department of Education and Director for the Antioch Center for School Renewal, along with Simon Jorgenson (University of Vermont) and Aziza Malik (Champlain Elementary School, Burlington, VT), has written a chapter titled “Place-Based Education: Dynamic Response to Current Trends” in the book, Outdoor Environmental Education in the Contemporary World.

“The opportunity to write a piece about place-based education in a polarized world came about through my work hosting a theme at the 2022 World Environmental Education Congress,” said Bocko. “I was lucky to co-write the chapter with Simon Jorgenson and Aziza Malik.”

You can find the chapter here and the book here.