Mike Young ’14

Mike Young smiling
Mike Young

Dr. Mike Young ’14 (GSLC, PhD) published Nuclear Vigilance: The Creation of the Atomic Energy Detection System and its Impact on Nuclear Arms Control Goals during the Eisenhower Administration (Airforce, 2022). As the Command Historian for the Air Force Technical Applications Center, Young was able to tell this story about the initial creation of the nation’s treaty monitoring system and organization tasked with surveilling nuclear detonations worldwide, based on recently declassified documents. The story illustrates how the innovative leadership of two key scientists working in a highly classified organization could have a far-reaching influence over the formulation of American foreign policy and national security in the 1950s.

Learn more about Dr. Young and read his dissertation To Transform a Culture: The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Army Organizational Effectiveness Program, 1970–1985 here.