Laura Thomas ’01

Laura Thomas (MEd ’01 New England), Director of the Experienced Educators program and Core Faculty in New England, has a new piece on Edutopia titled “Preparing Students for PBL Presentations.”

“Project-based learning often culminates in a presentation for an audience beyond the classroom, and students need a lot of practice to be successful. When we think of project-based learning (PBL), one of the seminal images is that of groups of students (or individuals) presenting—to the class, to adults, to large rooms full of experts.

It seems almost universally expected that students will present their work if they’re engaged in any experiential learning process, just as it’s assumed that students will communicate, collaborate, problem-solve, etc. And it’s tempting to go big right from the start with a complex project covering a lot of content, working in teams, culminating in a product to be presented to their classmates, the school, their parents, or the community. Go big or go home, right?”


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