Julia Gibson

Julia Gibson smiling

Julia Gibson, PhD, faculty in New England’s Environmental Studies program, published the research article “Practicing Palliation for Extinction and Climate Change: Weaving Death Ethics from Story and Practice” in Environmental Humanities.

The article “draws on Indigenous, Afrofuturist, and feminist science fiction narratives and their correlating lived practices to explore how death ethics for those driven extinct by climate change and other environmental injustices can and ought to go beyond affect, symbolism, and abstraction. It puts forward environmental palliation as an alternative framework for grappling with the injustice of extinction as and in publics.”

Gibson’s research explores the synthesis, tensions, and incommensurabilities of decolonial and interspecies justice. This work finds material, emotional, and spiritual expression on her family farm, where Gibson lives and works on unceded land within the traditional territories of the Wappinger and Munsee Lenape peoples.

You can access Dr. Gibson’s paper here.