Jody Levison-Johnson

Dr. Jody Levison-Johnson (PhD in Leadership and Change, GSLC) has recently solidified the merger of the Council on Accreditation, an international nonprofit accrediting body for human and social service organizations and public sector systems, with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, a national nonprofit strategic social sector action network. Dr. Levison-Johnson, a licensed clinical social worker with nearly three decades of experience in the field of human services, will lead this newly established and not-yet-named organization that results from the merger. Specializing in leadership of broad-scale behavioral health/human service reform within government and non-profit environments, strategic planning, policy analysis and development, engagement, and innovation, Dr. Levison-Johnson brings her expertise to bear on the organizational changes of much importance underway to ensure that this new nonprofit sparks a current in the human and social service sector and is forward-looking, rigorous and responsive to the needs of the field and communities across the nation.