Froswa’ Booker-Drew

Drs. Froswa’ Booker-Drew and Harriet Schwartz (Cohort 5) (PhD in Leadership and Change, GSLC) recently joined together for a powerful discussion focused on race, power, privilege, and perspective. The Tapestry, a podcast aiming to bring people together to explore the rich, woven textures of shared narratives, is hosted by Dr. Booker-Drew who welcomed Dr. Schwartz to the episode entitled “Relationships and Race”. Dr. Booker-Drew specializes in diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity in work which is the focus of her upcoming 2021 Servant Leadership Conference presentation entitled “Servant Leadership and Equity”. Additionally, she was recently interviewed by Medium magazine as part of the “5 Steps That Each Of Us Can Take To Proactively Help Heal Our Country” series (read the interview here). Finally, Dr. Booker-Drew was an organizer of Lift Every Voice: The Global Forum on SEL & Antiracism, a virtual conference from the Six Seconds organization on equity, social justice and emotional learning for a shared future. Six Seconds is a community of changemakers contributing to a world of insight, connection, and purpose.