Elena Haviv

Elena Haviv, Executive Director and Founder of Generation Human Rights, and student in the PhD in Leadership and Change program, has recently led the launch of unMasking: The Pandemic Curriculum Project. All around the world, we have put on masks to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet, at the same time, the pandemic has taken masks off so many human rights issues. unMasking is a free, open-source curriculum that provides educators free, open-sourced unMASKing: The Pandemic Curriculum Project provides educators with a much-needed roadmap to guide students in supportive and inclusive ways as they explore the local and global impacts of COVID-19, process the difficult and complex issues of the pandemic, and share their own experiences.

The Project is currently reaching out for support in order to be able to share unMASKing with educators across the United States and around the world, revise the curriculum as needed to stay current with impacts of the pandemic, offer free professional development and resources for educators facing today’s challenges, and continue to host a platform for youth around the world to share their stories about how they are adapting to the pandemic through written reflections and photos.