Betty Johnson ‘21

Dr. Betty Johnson ‘21 (GSLC, PhD) has just published a new book based on her Antioch dissertation research. Entitled Making Virtual Work: How to Build Performance and Relationships (Bridging The Difference LLC, 2021), the book is filled with the voices of her research participants’ straightforward recommendations for relieving the emotional exhaustion of virtual meetings, what’s commonly called “Zoom fatigue.” The book is endorsed by a host of thought leaders whose work underpins Dr. Johnson’s research, and the disarmingly simple solution offered in the book is especially timely in these unprecedented times. Founder and President of Bridging the Difference, LLC, Dr. Johnson has 30+ years’ experience in leadership and change consulting and coaching with private, public, and non-profit client organizations. Her proprietary methods include Align to Transform®, Intentional Meetings®, Mindful Influence®, and Team to Win®. All are grounded in scientific research, focus on helping people reach their highest potential, and generate measurable business results.