Christine Mania ’22

Christine Mania ’22 (New England, MEd in Humane Education), while in pursuit of an MA in Humane Education, authored a series of personal essays, each aligned with a corresponding course’s theme. The work organically evolved into the creation of a self-published book, Vegan Minded: Becoming a Steward for Animals, People, and the Planet.

Christine Mania

Vegan Minded recounts a narrative of transformation, emphasizing the author’s journey in embracing veganism as a guiding principle. Mania examines the concept of behavior change in relation to dietary choices and their ramifications on animals, the environment, and society. The book serves as a catalyst for introspection, encouraging readers to reorient their perspectives and coexist harmoniously with the world.

Part memoir and part informative guide, this publication delves into a diverse array of subjects, encompassing vegetarianism, veganism, yoga, diets, dating, climate change, pets, and activism. Each topic is filtered through the lens of veganism, influenced by Mania’s coursework in animal protection, environmental ethics, human rights, and culture and change.

Reflecting on this achievement, the author conveyed their enthusiasm for bringing their capstone project to fruition and disseminating “Vegan Minded” to a broader audience. They hope the book will motivate a shift toward plant-based diets and contribute to the battle against climate change.