Brett Amy Thelen ’07

Brett Amy Thelen ’07 (New England, MS) was featured in the profile article “Harris Center’s Thelen is looking out for the planet, one species at a time” in the Keene Sentinel. The story describes Thelen’s path toward her career in environmental sciences and her work at the Harris Center.

The article highlights Thelen’s heavy involvement with amphibian road crossings. During the first warm rainy nights in spring, thousands of salamanders, frogs, and toads make their way to vernal pools to breed, crossing busy and potentially treacherous roads. Thelen coordinates volunteers to help the salamander crossing brigades navigate there safely.

“It’s a really magical, powerful experience,” Thelen said. “When the conditions are right, you have huge numbers of frogs and salamanders all moving at once. The North Lincoln Street site can have 1,000 frogs and salamanders moving across [the road] in about four hours.”


Read the full article and learn more about Thelen and the amphibian road crossings here.