Seattle Faculty Publish Book

Resilience-Centered Counseling Book JacketThree Seattle faculty members published Resilience-Centered Counseling: A Liberating Approach to Change and Wellbeing. Written by Dr. Colin Ward, Dr. William Heusler, and Dr. Katherine Fort, the text recognizes that people are far more than the challenges they face and that counseling is a collaborative invitation to better oneself. The book reimagines how clinicians can work efficiently and pragmatically in assisting others while also becoming the heroes of their own lives and join their clientele in seeking liberation from the weight of depression, anxiety, trauma, and fear.

Resilience-Centered Counseling provides readers with a therapeutic approach that is resilience-focused, strength-centered, and grounded in the cutting-edge principles of postmodernism, humanism, cybernetics, and neurobiology. With an emphasis on evidence-informed practice, each chapter seeks to engage the reader in a new way of understanding the clinical encounter. Individual chapters explore the counselor as healer, interdependency, trauma, feminism, resilient counseling relationships, wonderment, building resilient communities, and more.

Published by Cognella Press, it is an exemplary guide for courses in counseling theories, interventions, and psychotherapy at the master’s and doctoral levels.