Multicultural Children’s Literature Celebration 2020

Featured Author/Illustrator: R. Gregory Christie

Antioch University Seattle School of Education is hosting two community events as part of their Multicultural Children’s Literature Celebration. This yearly event, which brings well-known authors into Seattle schools, also invites educators and the community into a conversation about this important work in dynamic and engaging ways.

March 3rd Multicultural Children’s Literature Celebration 2020 Featured Author/Illustrator: R. Gregory ChristieCREATE A MASTERPIECE WITH R. GREGORY CHRISTIE

March 3
5:30 pm
Antioch Seattle Campus

A paint-and-wine event with a world-renowned, award-winning artist-illustrator of over 60 children’s books. Meet with multi-award-winning illustrator R. Gregory Christie as he shows you how to make a masterpiece. The two-hour session will involve step by step painting on canvas. There will be easy to follow instructions for all levels of students, so no experience is necessary, just be ready to have some creative fun!

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For the past five years, Antioch University Seattle School of Education has hosted a renowned children’s literature author or illustrator of color in Seattle schools through the Multicultural Children’s Literature Celebration. The primary mission of this project, under the Antioch University Seattle School of Education’s Social Justice Initiative, is to bring young readers and the authors of great literary works together to demonstrate the power of story in their lives and to help ensure ALL children know that they are visible and honored.

2020 Multicultural Children’s Literature Celebration Illustrator:

As part of the Seattle School District’s celebration of Black History Month, this year we are honored to host R. Gregory Christie, renowned, multi-award-winning children’s illustrator.

Here are just a few of the awards R. Gregory Christie has received:

Christie has published over 50 books for children. His dynamic works offer glimpses of important and universal themes around which all children benefit and whose lives are more greatly enriched by his works. Themes include freedom, African Americans’ victory over injustice, and biographies of great African American leaders. In addition, Gregory owns and operates a multicultural children’s bookstore in which he features authors from all walks of life to participate in providing literature to children.

When R. Gregory Christie received the Caldecott Honor Award for his stunning art in Freedom in Congo Square in 2016, he stated in response in an interview following, “This is a time when the work spoke back through a Caldecott committee honor selection. I wondered what it would mean for this book and for my career. Would it be in more classrooms; would it change the definition of this book from a Black History month’s subject title into an American history’s subject title.” In inviting R. Gregory Christie to join us in the final extra day, this leap year, February 29, 2020, and the week following, we hope Christie’s visit will enrich the lives of hundreds of Seattle School children.

International Reviews of R. Gregory Christie’s Art

New York Times children’s book reviewer, Maria Russo describes Christie’s art as, “as always, breathtaking, uniting folk art and sleek modern gestures with a graceful dynamism that calls to mind Jacob Lawrence and Benny Andrews.”