Chancellor's Message

Bill Groves, Chancellor, Antioch University

Welcome to the first edition of Antioch University’s alumni magazine. The amazing stories we share here highlight the endless ways our alumni embody the Antioch spirit. You may have graduated from different campuses, with different degrees, and at different times, but you all share the same Antioch DNA. You are changemakers, standing together to positively impact your communities. Your ongoing service to local, national, and global communities continually renews our commitment to stand boldly for Antioch University’s mission of preparing students for the ever-vital work of winning victories for humanity.

Antioch is boldly informing and participating in shaping the future.

In these pages you hear about many alumni who are doing just that, like David Mayer who is greening behind the scenes at events like the Super Bowl and David Haase who shares his AEA experience in Vietnam. Read about strong women who studied in the ’60s and ’70s and fought for equality, and recent alumni who are leading the charge for food equality. From Susan Southard, whose book Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War earned her the Dayton Peace Prize, to Daniel José Older, whose book Shadowshaper was named one of Esquire’s 80 Books Every Person Should Read, Antioch alumni are making a difference.

Antioch is moving forward with many innovative initiatives that are anchored in the university mission. Some highlights include:

  • Creation of a new structure that unifies academic departments across the university, making possible the innovations of one campus benefiting the whole university system. Students can study in more places and modalities than at any time in our history.
  • New online courses are making an Antioch experience more accessible to students across the nation. We are attracting students who believe in our mission and values and in our ability to stand with them as they discover, reinvent, and take courageous next steps for their lives.
  • Development of new travel opportunities for alumni—we just completed our first ecotourism trip to Poland and we are looking forward to more of these kinds of opportunities in the future.
  • Newly formed workforce development programs are aligned with the Antioch mission of serving the larger and often more vulnerable members of our communities.
  • New Degree Plus and continuing education programs are in development to promote lifelong learning among the Antioch community and beyond.
  • An innovative Donor Advised Fund is being designed to support both nonprofits nationally and Antioch University programs.

The world needs Antioch now more than ever. We will continue to stand together with you, our alumni community, to make possible the achievement of our social and environmental justice mission. Enjoy the stories and share your stories with us, too.