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Jazmine Casey, MA in Teaching

Jazmine Casey, MA in Teaching

I was a preschool teacher for seven years and then I decided to take myself to the next level and get into elementary school. I chose Antioch because I really love their flexible schedule for working students. Being able to work during the day and then attend classes at night was a great way for me to earn my degree. And Also, Antioch’s push for Social Justice for All was a huge part of why I chose Antioch. For my capstone project, I chose to choose the topic of how to create an anti-racist classroom. Although it isn’t something that we can always achieve, it is something that we can always be striving towards. And this was something that we did at the end of our program, and it was really cumulative in what we learned throughout our extent Antioch.

But I also did a lot of my own personal research and included things that I’ve seen in my student teaching and in the classroom as well. So, I looked at myself as a teacher. I looked at the communities that I’ll be teaching to and my students as well, and then also the real world. During my time at Antioch, I really fell in love with the Antioch Community. All of the professors were super helpful. I could tell that they cared about me as a student and my growth. They always had time where we could come in and just have chats. They were always willing to help us and look through our work and really assist. They were right there with us through the whole process, which I really, really appreciate. Also, it was nice having our same cohort all the way through the program because I got to learn a lot from them and see what their interests are. But also, they bring so much to the table, so it’s really nice to be able to go through it together and then at the very end get to get our degrees and celebrate and see where we’ve all ended up afterwards. It’s been amazing.

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