Sam Ballou

In Memoriam: Faculty and Alum Dr. Samuel Ballou

Sam BallouWith a very heavy heart, I am writing to let you know that a beloved AUSB alum and esteemed faculty in the MA in Clinical Psychology Program, Dr. Samuel Ballou, has unexpectedly passed away.

Sam was teaching Research Methods in the MACP program this quarter, and had previously taught Psychopharmacology.

Many of us knew him as a kind and generous, highly personable, good-natured soul who was quite brilliant. He was an alum of Antioch University Santa Barbara, having completed his PsyD in 2018, and his MA in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Latinx Mental Health, 2014.  Most of us on campus had the good fortune to have enjoyable interactions with him through his Federal work study position in our IT department from April 2013 through May 2016.

Sam Ballou graduatingDr. Brett Kia-Keating served as his Dissertation Chair, which was focused on “Associations Between Substance Use and Readiness for Change Among Participants in a Community Mental Health Setting,” (2018). Sam was well known among the staff and faculty in the PsyD department where he was awarded for Excellence in Research and Scholarship (2017) and Excellence in Professionalism (2015). Stephanie Holland remembers him so well, as kind and engaging, and always professional.

In 2009 he received the Rector’s Award for Academic Achievement, at the Seminario Diocesano de Tijuana, which he attended for four years prior to coming to Santa Barbara. Sam was not only fluent in Spanish and English, but was able to read and translate French, German, Latin, and ancient ecclesiastical Greek.

Dr. Sam Ballou was an extraordinary and compassionate man, who lived a life of authentic service, with grace and humility. While his passing is a loss for humanity, the memories of his kindness, generosity of spirit, and scholarly works will serve as an inspiration to so many.

Barbara Lipinski, PhD, JD
Provost and Chief Executive Officer
Antioch University Santa Barbara