Individual sitting at a computer writing in a notebook

In Difficult Times, Don’t Write Alone!

Dear Antioch Students,

We hope you are staying safe as we continue into the Spring. For many of you, writing is now a more solitary endeavor, so we at the Virtual Writing Center wanted to remind you that you don’t have to write alone. We’re here to help and have also developed new resources for this unprecedented time.

First, we’ve updated our Writing at a Distance page with some thoughts on maintaining a virtual community from Director of Writing Anne Maxham, as well as a few resources that may help you in writing and working from home. That page also has fun freewriting prompts that we shared with you last month. If you haven’t done freewriting, you might find it a healthy activity to promote creativity and the “writing brain.”

As you move through your April and May writing assignments, remember that we’re here to read your work and share a reader’s perspective. Having another’s feedback on what’s working or not working in your writing can make a significant difference in your success. You can submit writing to the VWC for suggestions and ideas on how to grow your work, and we typically give feedback within 48 hours. Submit your writing for comments from a peer reader at

Should you want to converse with someone about your writing, peer writing consultants are available via Zoom to help you process and refine your ideas. Many times it helps just to talk through an assignment. The VWC offers Zoom sessions by appointment, and students on the Los Angeles, New England, Santa Barbara, and Seattle campuses have dedicated campus Writing Centers offering Zoom and Phone sessions. Sometimes talking with someone is just the thing to get you past writer’s block.

Remember, academic writing is all about contributing to a community of knowledge. Your papers are part of that academic conversation, and most successful writers are those who discuss their writing with others. Check us out: we’re here to help you succeed!

Stay safe, and we wish you a bright spring!

The Virtual Writing Center Staff