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GSLC Alumna Publishes Dissertation Related to Religious Education in the Unitarian Universalist Church

PhD in Leadership and Change alumna Dr. Amy Huntereece has published her dissertation entitled, Shifting Paradigms: Using Action Research to Redefine Engagement in Faith Formation in Unitarian Universalism. The issues that her research addressed were changes related to engagement in religious education (RE) in the Unitarian Universalist (UU) church in the past several decades. The purpose of her research was to innovatively problem-solve with other religious professionals and consider how to redefine engagement to support families in their faith formation. Her research aims to answer the question: How could UU RE professionals more effectively engage families in faith formation opportunities designed to meet the desired outcomes of RE parents/caregivers?

Amy HuntereeceDr. Amy Huntereece has served as a nurturer, teacher, and guide for people ages 0-100 for nearly 40 years. Her experience with Waldorf education has forged a passion for learning from the inside out and her spiritual practice with Unitarian Universalism has fostered a deep appreciation and love for the interconnected web of life. She earned both her master’s degree in education, Waldorf certification, and PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. Dr. Huntereece has always approached change within organizations creatively and positively. She is a proponent for improving systems and meeting the needs of the stakeholders, rather than perpetuating antiquated methods. She desires intellectually stimulating work and chooses to lead through change in supportive, impactful, interconnected, and innovative ways that encourage self-discovery and joy. She is particularly interested in how educators can meet the needs of learners through adaptive, collaborative, and transformational leadership.

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