Celebrating February- Black History Month

Celebrating Black History 2024

We want to honor Black History Month by drawing attention to six alumni who exemplify this year’s theme: African Americans and the Arts. This roundup includes two visual artists exploring…

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Antioch University Announces Transfer Agreement with Union Institute and University

Antioch University and the Union Institute and University (UIU) have mutually agreed on a plan to assist Union students in the completion of their degrees. Known as teach-out plans, which are approved by the Higher Learning Commission, the three specific UIU programs involved in the Antioch agreement are the MBA, the Clinical Mental Health & Counseling degree, and the PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies.

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International Day of Tolerance

Declared a holiday by UNESCO in 1996, the International Day for Tolerance commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by United Nations Member States on November 16, 1995. The UN declared 1995 as the Year for Tolerance…

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Twelve Stories to Read or Listen to During Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15- October 15 every year. This started as a week-long celebration in 1968 when President Johnson declared it and said, “The people of Hispanic descent are the heirs of missionaries, captains, soldiers, and farmers who were motivated by a young spirit of adventure and a desire to settle freely in a free land.”

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Otterbein University and Antioch University Establish Coalition for the Common Good

Today Otterbein University and Antioch University announced the creation of the Coalition for the Common Good, the first national higher education system of affiliated universities organized around a shared mission of educating students not only to advance their careers, but to promote our pluralistic democracy, social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, and the common good.   

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Antioch Voices: Don’t forget the “PI” in AAPI

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is upon us. On one hand, this month is an opportunity to remember the history, pain, and joy experienced by both communities. However, on the other hand, quite often, it feels as though the “Pacific Islander” part of the acronym is a forgotten add-on.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Twelve Stories to Read During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and it offers a great opportunity to reflect on the many contributions that people who identify as AAPI make to our world, our country, and particularly to Antioch University. Antioch as an institution is defined by the people who make it up, and for at least eighty years, many of us have identified as AAPI.