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Caley O’Dwyer in American Poetry Review

Caley O’Dwyer, MA, MFT, MFA specializes in both Psychology and Creative Writing and is an Affiliate faculty member in the Division of Undergraduate Studies at AULA. He has two poems, Simply Simvastatin and 3-in-1, in the May/June 2019 issue of the American Poetry Review (APR). “(…) the issue arrived in my mailbox and I was quite proud to find my poems sandwiched between Tess Gallagher, Stanley Plumly, and David Trinidad among other great poets,” O’Dwyer said.

Publishing is often a time and labor-intensive process. O’Dwyer published his first book of poetry, Full Nova, in 2001. He has a second in-progress book of poems after the paintings of Mark Rothko, many of which have been published in various journals; and one was featured in the Mark Rothko retrospective at the Tate Modern Museum in London.

“I started writing a 3rd collection called American Proverb, which I’ve completed and which I’m currently sending out to publishers,” he said. “The poems published in this month’s issue of American Poetry Review come from a suite of about 30 poems (collectively called “Bikini Factory”) within the American Proverb manuscript.”

American Proverb is a darkly humorous exploration of American-media discourse and its influence on individuals. “I’m interested in strange things that happen to language when (my own and others’) “traditional” romantic inclinations in poetry clash or are spliced together with contemporary capitalist culture and the colloquial, technical, and other kinds of language it produces,” said O’Dwyer.

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Photo credit: Audrey Mandelbaum