AUNE Campus Update

Greetings AUNE Students,

Over the next few days, you will be receiving communications from University leadership about an array of system-wide initiatives underway to ensure the quality of teaching and learning and the best possible support in academic and student services.  As you read the notices, I hope the institutional care for our student body comes through.  I have been amazed at the hard work of faculty and staff across the university in these past weeks and equally amazed at the adjustments you all have been making to continue your academic progress.

One initiative I wanted to bring to your attention immediately is the following:

Chancellor William Groves has established an Emergency Student Access Fund to assist currently enrolled students whose capacity to remain in their academic programs is jeopardized by our national health emergency. Grants from the fund are only one time and for a maximum of up to $1,500. They are intended solely for the purpose of enabling currently enrolled students to make sound academic progress to continue in their programs.

These funds are to be disbursed on a case-by-case basis by Financial Aid officers, in our case Amy Posner, only upon a recommendation made by me (as AUNE Provost) and the University Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Chet Haskell.

Obviously, there are limited institutional funds.  Approval can only be made on those requests in cases where the student would be unable to continue at this time due to the impact of COVID-19 on their capacity to fulfill their tuition obligation.

If you feel that this Fund may be relevant to your situation, please email me directly and we can follow-up.

Shawn M Fitzgerald, PhD
Provost and CEO
Antioch University New England