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AULA Campus Update – Health and Safety Requirements

September 23, 2021

Dear AULA Students, Faculty and Staff,

I write to share more details about the access and use of the campus in the upcoming fall quarter. I want to emphasize here that to start with, we will begin with very limited services, hours of operation, and classes. As the quarter progresses, we hope to be able to add additional elements to this plan. Of course, the health and safety of all of you is paramount, so the circumstances of the pandemic will determine any changes implemented, whether to open up more or restrict access to campus.

Health and Safety Requirements

As you know, AULA will require anyone (faculty, staff, students, guests) entering the building or any AULA space to first be fully vaccinated, to complete a daily wellness check and to properly wear a face mask at all times while indoors. Faculty, staff, and students will also be required to sign the AULA COVID-19 Safety Pledge. Failure to observe any one of these requirements can be a violation of our ethics and conduct codes.

To upload your vaccination record, please complete the AULA Vaccine Verification Form here.

To complete the AULA Daily Health Screening, please do so here.

To complete the AULA COVID-19 Safety Pledge, please do so here.

Faculty and Staff Access

Because we will require proof of vaccination, wearing of masks, and a wellness check prior to entering campus, the campus facilities will be available to staff and faculty who chose to work in the building outside of our posted operational hours.

Limited Official Hours of Operation

From the time we begin the Fall 2021 quarter on October 4th, the campus will be open, and the Campus Services Center will be staffed when there are classes scheduled in the building. Hours of operation will be 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM on Wednesdays and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Thursdays only. This will allow us to support the handful of classes in session and will also allow a window for in-person services as scheduled by appointment.

Who Can be On Campus

Students are free to come into the building facilities if/when they: 1) have signed the community health pledge, 2) have submitted proof of vaccination, are wearing a mask, and have completed the daily wellness check, 3) are enrolled in a class scheduled to meet on campus, during class times, 4) have an appointment to meet on campus with a staff or faculty member or have an appointment to use the library, computer lab, Teaching and Learning Center, etc. during hours of operation, and 5) follow safety protocols once on campus.

Staff and Faculty may come to campus at any time if: 1) the community health pledge has been signed, 2) they have submitted proof of vaccination, are wearing a mask, and have completed the daily wellness check, and 3) they follow safety protocols once on campus.


Anyone wishing to use the parking garage will want to make sure they have an activated parking access card. Request a new card or that a previous one be activated by emailing Campus Services Center at [email protected].

AULA Reopening Site

The AULA Reopening site contains important information, links, and FAQ. This resource will be kept current as campus operations evolve, so I encourage you to visit the site regularly for updates and changes. The AULA Reopening Google Site can be found here.

Survey Coming Soon

A survey will soon be sent to all students to gather new information about how to best support your educational journey and campus experience going forward during the pandemic. I encourage you to take a few minutes to fill out the survey when you receive it as the data will help us understand what you are experiencing, how we can prioritize our actions, and how we might be able to support you in person.


Mark Hower, PhD Provost, AULA