Screen shot of downloads on AURA in the last 24 hours

Antioch University Dissertations: Over 1,000,000 Downloads and Counting…

Antioch University recently passed the one-millionth download of our dissertations in OhioLINK’s Electronic Dissertation and Theses (ETD) Center! Our nearly 800 dissertations are having a global reach and impact- unimaginable before 2001, when the ETD Center was launched.

September also saw our 500,000th download of content (including dissertations and theses) in Antioch University Repository and Archive (AURA)! AURA was launched in 2011, and the map below offers a glimpse at the downloads from AURA in the last 24 hours:


Open Access (OA) institutional repositories play an important role in sharing scholarship across the country and globe and are aligned with the mission and values of Antioch University and the Antioch University Library system.  OA repositories allow anyone in the world with an internet connection to view, download, and be inspired by the work of our graduates, especially those who do not have the ability to connect to costly databases.  Antioch University is committed to this concept of free and democratic publishing of dissertation scholarship; both AURA and OhioLINK’s ETD Center are OA institutional repositories.

The Antioch University Library would not be able to celebrate its millionth-download milestone without the thoughtful, life-changing, world-shaking, and compelling dissertations and theses of our Antioch University alumni. Thank you as well to the tireless faculty, mentors, and staff who support and challenge them to outperform their own expectations.

Browse Antioch University scholarship below:

Antioch University Dissertations in OhioLINK’s ETD Center

Antioch University Dissertations and Theses in AURA