Writers’ Exchange Celebrates Three Years of Professional Editing Support

Person Writing on a ComputerFor three years, the AU Writer’s Exchange (WEX) has helped students, faculty, and alumni refine their writing by offering professional services that include coaching, developmental editing, and final format editing. An offshoot of Antioch’s Virtual Writing Center, WEX was initially designed to support AU doctoral students at all stages of dissertation writing. Today, WEX Editors and PhD Coaches help the entire AU community refine their manuscripts.

WEX is now gaining ground with faculty and alumni, who are looking for a variety of writing services, ranging from updating their manuscripts to APA 7th edition format to copy-editing professional writing. “WEX has always been conceived as a responsive and evolving support to AU scholars and their needs,” comments Dr. Anne Maxham, AU Director of Writing Support. To respond to this new demand, WEX is piloting a new service to help students and faculty transform their research into journal articles or books.

Taking an academic manuscript, such as a dissertation, and revising it for a new audience is a delicate enterprise and having the objective eye of a writing expert helps enormously.  “We know how hard AU students and faculty work at researching and writing,” says Dr. Maxham, “and the Writers’ Exchange is dedicated to helping them revitalize that work to reach a new and wider audience.”

WEX web editing services cardWEX PhD Editors have the editing expertise and breadth of writing exposure to help writers meet this goal. They will review your manuscript, make suggestions for developing the manuscript for a new audience, and coach you through the process of re-envisioning this writing. Editors will also do a complete format review and edit to ensure cohesive writing and accurate formatting.

Whether you are looking to put the final touches on your dissertation or ready to publish, WEX will work with you to ensure you receive the professional, personalized writing support you need to succeed. WEX Editors and PhD Coaches have the professional experience to help all Antiochians meet their writing goals. Additionally, reduced rates are available to the entire AU community, including faculty and staff.

As an AU program, WEX strives to respond to the evolving needs of Antioch University. WEX is still developing new resources and is eager for new growth.  On that note, Anne often says, “Whatever AU writers need, WEX is here to help.  If you have a writing need, WEX is only an email away: [email protected]