Three Years of Research Published in “Journal of Black Psychology”

Gargi Roysircar, AUNE Clinical Psychology retired faculty member, and Ashland Thompson, 5th-year doctoral candidate, and predoctoral intern at APA-approved Regional Central Hospital, Butner, North Carolina, have published an empirical research article in the Journal of Black Psychology:

Roysircar, G., Geisinger, K., & Thompson, A. (2019). Haitian children’s disaster trauma: Validation of pictorial assessment of resilience and vulnerability. Journal of Black Psychology.  View an advance electronic copy here.

This study was the culmination of three years’ data collection, 2012, 2013, and 2014, from 131 Haitian children, made possible only because of the collaboration of a community healthcare clinic in Blanchard, a locality outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Here, Dr. Roysircar and Disaster Shakti students of the AUNE Multicultural Center for Research and Practice provided mental health service, including assessment, community psychoeducation, and evaluation of services. Dr. Roysircar extends her deep appreciation to Disaster Shakti and SERD members who collected assessment data and/or rated House-Tree-Person drawings that were adapted for administration, scoring, and interpretations for Haiti. Many are AUNE PsyD graduates and some are finishing shortly. They are: Kelsey Moran, Thomas Hulslander, Perrin Tellock, Molly Conley, Kevin O’Leary, Bola Afolayan, Jennifer Moniz, Alice Lim, Katherine Russell, Megan Marsh, Allyssa Lanza, Katie Randall, Beth Briggs, Sarah Hersey, Jane Studeny, Melanie Brayman, Ashland Thompson, Paige Ely, Karen Hovey, and Naydine Johney. Dr. Kurt Geisinger, Director of the Buros Institute of Testing and producer of the Mental Measurements Yearbooks, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, joined Dr. Roysircar for this measurement study.

According to Dr. Roysircar, “Only such a culturally diverse and multidisciplinary team could have had this positive research outcome.”

If you wish to receive a copy of the article, please send an email to [email protected].