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The Graduate School of Leadership and Change Launches Professional Certificate Series

Antioch’s Graduate School of Leadership & Change (GSLC) introduced the first two certificates in its Professional Certificate Series: Leading for Inclusion & Racial Justice and Leading Transformative Change. The certificate programs offer the interdisciplinary wisdom, critical leadership skills, and bold action focus that the Graduate School shares in its PhD in Leadership & Change and Master in Leadership Practice, but in a fully online format. Students participate in three 3-week-long courses and earn a certificate. The first courses begin on December 1, 2020.

“The GSLC’s Certificate Series offers participants the opportunity to engage with leadership topics critical to our contemporary context at both an ‘idea’ and ‘practical’ level,” said Dr. Donna Ladkin, Professor of Leadership and Ethics. “Through careful structuring and a combination of podcasts, videos, and readings, participants can develop their foundational knowledge and develop strategies for being more effective leaders in their families, communities, or organizations.

The certificates draw on GSLC’s more than 20 years of experience educating leaders and empowering them to make transformative changes at companies, organizations, and institutions around the world. With the introduction of the certificate series, now anyone can learn with Antioch’s world-class faculty.

“Our diverse faculty teams offer a truly authentic combination of academic wisdom and applied insights, which allows them to create a powerful and intellectually stimulating learning atmosphere,” said Dr. Aqeel Tirmizi, Professor of Leadership, Management, and Service.

The Leading Transformative Change Certificate takes an asset-based approach toward what leaders may do to create engaged strategic directions, proactively address disruptive forces, and create new organizational and community drivers of success now and in the future. Transformative change will enact key learning, support application to participant’s work contexts, and help evaluate the effectiveness of this change from short-term and long-term perspectives.

“The Transformative Change Certificate integrates ‘here and now’ opportunities with future ‘how-to’ strategies that improve the landscape for individuals, teams, and our work communities,” said Dr. Mitch Kusy, Professor of Organization Learning and Development.

The Leading for Inclusion and Racial Justice Certificate offers a systematic approach to engaging with the fundamental issues at the heart of leading for inclusion and racial justice, whether that leadership is happening at the organizational, community, or even family level. It will provide frameworks and models to help participants unravel the dynamics of race and racism while also offering the opportunity to practice behaviors that can help participants develop the capacities required to lead from a more inclusive orientation.

“The Certificate in Leading for Inclusion and Racial Justice will help those struggling with ‘what do I do?’ in the face of racial injustice identify actions they can take at a personal, interpersonal and, systems-level to challenge and dismantle persistent racism,” added Ladkin.

Professional Certificates in Leading Responsibly in Challenging Times and Social Sector Leadership will soon be added to the series.

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