The Antioch Graduate School of Leadership and Change Announces New Home Stretch Fund

Key tree green seal backgroundThe Graduate School of Leadership and Change is excited to announce the establishment of a new fund to help our PhD in Leadership and Change (PhDLC) students.

The Home Stretch Fund (HSF) has been established with a generous gift from Dr. Charlie Nelms to support eligible PhDLC students in the final trimester of candidacy in good academic standing and who are members of under-represented populations. Based on national data, those most under-represented in doctoral programs are ethnic/racial minorities, first-generation students, and those from low-income communities.   This criterion, in addition to documented financial need and limited access to other financial resources requires candidates to have completed their dissertation’s data-gathering phase and be in the trimester in which they are completing their dissertation and preparing for their defense.

Dr. Charlie Nelms has established the Home Stretch Fund in conjunction with the Antioch Graduate School of Leadership and Change.  Dr. Nelms’ eminent career includes serving as chancellor at Indiana University East, the University of Michigan-Flint, and North Carolina Central University (NCCU).  In addition, he has been widely recognized for tackling issues beyond academia in our communities across the country. Dr. Nelms is involved in many charitable causes, many focused on making college more affordable for students in need. In particular, he and his wife support funds and endowments that assist graduate students from under-represented communities with professional development, mentorship, and faculty development.

Given limitations of the HSF, the funds will typically be in the $500 to $2,000 range for the life of the fund.

Please email [email protected] for additional details and in regards to questions.