Angela E. Gibbs

Why I Chose Antioch | Angela Elayne Gibbs

I’m glad I waited and I’m glad it was Antioch that I came back to. I was ready. I was ready to learn. I had lived some life, so I was bringing some experience to the learning experience. And Antioch valued that.  They valued my voice.  And they even said that education is basically a conversation that’s been going on for, you know, years and years and years.  And now it’s my turn to contribute to that conversation.

It was like the first time that someone said, you get to challenge a book!  Just because someone wrote a book, doesn’t mean that everything in that book is something that you have to accept as fact or truth!  You can disagree.   You can do your homework and go and look and research and challenge that.  It is really about free-thinking, independent thinking.  And, you know, I hadn’t heard that.  They were teaching that.