S1 E5: A Problem as Big as Climate Change Calls for Diverse Ways of Knowing

“We need to expand our understanding of the word environment,” says Dr. Jean Kayira, a scholar of sustainability and Indigenous Knowledge. “In my view, environment is really about interconnectedness and the interdependence of everything.” Jean directs Antioch’s PhD in Environmental Studies, and she is a leader in this interdisciplinary field that tries to deepen our understanding of the world – and to keep the world from changing it so much that it’s no longer hospitable. In this episode, Jean shares with us why multiple knowledge systems are better than just one, how dancing on mountaintops can be part of rigorous scholarly inquiry, her passion for the Malawian concept of umunthu, and the importance of planting seeds (sometimes literally) in your own community.

S1 E4: Why Environmental Justice Requires Education and a Focus on Equity

In this episode, Institute for Humane Education founder Zoe Weil talks with our co-hosts to dive into the history of humane education, how to move from being a problem solver to being a “solutionary,” and the impact she believes humane education could have on our country and world – especially as we emerge from a global pandemic.