Spirituality, Religion, and Group Psychotherapy: How Do They Work Together?

Lorraine Mangione, Ph.D,  and her colleague Roz Forti, LICSW, Ph.D., will be presenting a workshop at this year’s American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference in New York City on Thursday, March 5th, entitled Incorporating Spirituality, Religion, Seeking Meaning and Growth into Group Therapy.  In it they will encourage participants to explore issues of spirituality, religion, and group through an approach that includes both didactic and experiential components.  This will be partly based on the work described in their article in the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Beyond midlife and before retirement: A short-term women’s group. They will be including a framework developed by Dean Hammer, Psy.D., Antioch grad, faculty member, and PSC supervisor, from his recent article, Cultivating Soulfulness in Psychotherapy in Spirituality in Clinical Practice.