Six of Our Favorite Episodes on Education for World Teacher Day

World Teachers’ Day, observed annually on October 5th, is a global event that honors the invaluable contributions of educators and teachers to society. This occasion, established by UNESCO in 1994, underscores the crucial role teachers play in shaping the future through the dissemination of knowledge and the nurturing of personal and intellectual growth in students.

Antioch University’s mission intersects with the essence of World Teachers’ Day in several significant ways: with a strong emphasis on social justice education, advocating for equity and inclusivity in all aspects of learning, this resonates with the broader goals of World Teachers’ Day, which seeks to ensure that education is accessible and fair for all individuals.

Additionally, Antioch’s approach to experiential learning encourages students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, preparing them for active participation in society, mirroring the idea that effective teaching extends beyond the classroom.

Furthermore, Antioch University promotes community engagement, urging its students and faculty to actively contribute to their local communities, reinforcing the concept that teachers are not solely educators but also community leaders who can instigate positive change.

Explore six episodes of the Seed Field Podcast that embody Antioch’s educational mission—and celebrate World Teacher Day.

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Episode Notes

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