PhD in Leadership and Change Announces New Research Fund

Key tree green seal backgroundAntioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change (GSLC) is pleased to announce the founding of a new research fund to support doctoral students in the PhD in Leadership and Change program. The Valentine Action Research Fund has been established by GSLC alumnus Dr. Mike Valentine to honor the legacy of his father, James C. Valentine, better known as Ping. 

As a New York City firefighter and longtime member of the Shriners, Ping believed deeply in lifting up his community by reaching out to troubled youth and mentoring them. His actions and service to those in need exemplify the spirit of making a difference one person at a time and they underscore the value of action, in the form of action research, that engages people in inquiry and action.

With this generous founding family gift, $2,000 a year for the life of the fund will be available to support costs incurred by PhDLC students conducting approved action research dissertations with underserved populations. Two research grants of up to $1,000 each are available each academic year. “Underserved populations” refers to communities within the United States or abroad that suffer from poverty and disparities in education, employment, health and/or other indicators of community well-being. 

Learn more about this and all of GSLC’s funds here.