Yodit Semu

MA in Urban Sustainability alumna Yodit Semu was featured on podcast The Accidental Safety Pro on October 28, 2020 discussing her work in urban sustainability.

Yodit is currently the coordinator of the environmental career worker training program at UCLA’s Labor Occupational Safety and Health Division. She is also an educator, providing environmental justice and most recently, COVID-19 awareness for essential workers. Yodit also cultivates and develops relationships with organization and workforce development programs in LA, serving marginalized populations with job readiness training for careers in environmental, construction, and other green industries. She’s also a documentarian, having produced Immigrant, a 19-minute short documentary film featuring the perspectives of independent voices based in southern California. The film provides an intimate look at immigration’s narrative in the current United States political culture and sheds a new light on understanding migration and displacement as a sustainability issue.