Nate Elias ‘18

Nate Elias ‘18 (Los Angeles, MFA in Creative Writing) was interviewed about his book, The Reincarnations, by alum Alex Thurnher for the Skylight Books podcast and by Fear No Lit.

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Cara Meixner ‘08

Cara Meixner ‘08 (GSLC, PhD) recently presented “Methods Braiding and Diffractive Analysis: Two Approaches to Revisiting Researcher Positionality” at the QRM Conference in Albuquerque. Additionally, the integrated qualitative methods course/text that she authored as qualitative content expert for the American Psychological Association’s (APA) PsychLearn was just made available through an APA partnership with edX, an online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It is now a stand-alone course on their platform. Learn more about Meixner and read her dissertation Evolving Learning: Educators’ Inner Experiences of Engaging in Service-Learning with Undergraduates here.

Jude Bergkamp ’98, ’10

Seattle’s PsyD in Clinical Psychology Program Chair and Core Faculty Jude Bergkamp, PsyD, ’98, ‘10 (Seattle, MA in Psychology, PsyD) was invited last month by the Wright Institute to provide a continuing education workshop entitled “Untangling Our Colonial Roots: Tracking the Colonial Influences in Contemporary Clinical Psychology.” This seven-hour workshop held on April 29 was focused on decoloniality, with an exploration of the colonial roots in the field of clinical psychology.  Approved by the American Psychological Association, the Wright Institute offers not only continuing education hours for professionals but also a breadth of programs for prospective students in counseling and

Lynn Horan

Graduate School of Leadership and Change (GSLC) student Lynn Horan will be presenting at the International Leadership Association’s Virtual Summit on Diversity, Equity and Belonging this June 21-22. Her presentation is titled “Mimetic Scapegoating and the Executive Derailment of Female Clergy,” which will be the focus of her upcoming dissertation. Horan is also contributing a chapter titled “Activism, Performance and Spiritual Ritual: The Roots of Embodied Social Change” in the edited volume Leadership at the Spiritual Edge: Emerging and Non-Western Concepts of Leadership and Spirituality (Routledge, 2023). Book editors are GSLC alumni Mohammed Raei, Stacey Guenther, and Lisa Berkley.

Jonathan (Joc) Clark ‘09 & Janet Rechtman ’08

Jonathan (Joc) Clark ‘09 (GSLC, PhD) and Janet Rechtman ’08 (GSLC, PhD) ran into each other by chance at a Chico, California Farmers’ Market about eight years ago. They reconnected four years after Janet moved to Chico to be near family. As Janet’s Chico mentor, Joc has organized connections with like-minded consultants, local nonprofits, and most recently, the North Valley Community Foundation in Chico, California. With the Foundation, they helped organize and deliver LEAD; a week-long leadership development program focused on increasing collaboration and capacity building for nonprofit leaders. They’ve partnered on several projects with local nonprofits focusing on leadership,

Zoe Weil

Zoe Weil is the president and co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education, which works in partnership with Antioch University to provide the Humane Education MEd, MA, EdD, and Graduate Certificate. In addition to helping develop much of the curricula for the humane education graduate programs, Zoe co-facilitates the summer residency course for students each year. The new edition of her book, Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs, was just released on May 2. This adventure story encourages young readers (9 – 13) to think about human kindness, animal protection, and having the courage to make a difference. It’s not

Meghan Wilson Duff ’06

Meghan Wilson Duff ’06 (New England, PsyD) will have their first picture book, How Are You, Verity?, illustrated by Taylor Barron and released by Magination Press in August 2023. Verity, a neurodivergent kid, is bubbling with excitement about an upcoming school field trip to the aquarium. When neighbors ask, “How are you?” Verity shares their excitement and facts about sea animals. Their older brother John suggests that people who ask might not be expecting to learn all about sea animals. Verity plans an experiment to find out if their brother is right. But when their trip to the aquarium is

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