Melissa Meszaros ‘12

Heavy Metal Headbang Book jacket Melissa Meszaros ‘12 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA in Creative Writing) had her memoir Heavy Metal Headbang published by Oil on Water Press on March 3, 2022. A writer and comics industry publicist, Meszaros’s memoir offers an inspirational first-hand account of what it was like to live through a life-changing brain injury and how she fought to find herself again. 

On her way to a Judas Priest concert, the accident happens. The traumatic brain injury Meszaros sustains changes everything; her life is turned upside down. Her steady job as a Hollywood publicist and her trusted friends and colleagues are called into question. Even her own reflection staring back at her is a stranger. As she navigates the legal and medical battles, Meszaros also begins to challenge her own fractured self. For a publicist, identity is everything. What begins as a series of snapshot memories soon becomes an inspiring personal tale of recovery, as Melissa questions both her own identity—and her career. What does it mean to suddenly disappear from a rock’n’roll lifestyle when your whole professional life has been dedicated to making others famous?

Heavy Metal Headbang is currently the #1 new release in Heavy Metal Musician Biographies on Amazon. It debuted at #77 on Amazon’s best sellers in Heavy Metal Musician Biographies and was on Nylon Magazine’s March 2022 Must-Read Book Releases. The book sold out in the US prior to the release date on Amazon US & UK, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million. The book opening was held at the highly regarded Book Soup in Hollywood and the audiobook was read by Meszaros at the old Reciprocal Recording, where the grunge sound was founded.

“What matters most to me is that it resonates with folks and helps them feel less alone—whether dealing with alienation, existential angst, mental illness or a brain injury,” said Meszaros. “If Heavy Metal Headbang can do that for one person, it was definitely worth a go in sharing my own experience.”

Meszaros has been invited to speak for TBI One Love, an organization created to provide information, support, communication, and connection for individuals interested in Brain Injury recovery. Heavy Metal Headbang is currently being optioned for a graphic novel and film adaptation. She is the owner and lead at comics publicity house Don’t Hide PR. A former music and film publicist, Meszaros launched the music festival Grrrl Front in 2013 and has helped hundreds of indie creators make their mark in entertainment.

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LeVan D. Hawkins ’11

LeVan D. Hawkins ’11 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) has been awarded a Pushcart Prize for his essay, “Both Sissies,” which was published in the Chicago Quarterly Review in 2021. “Both Sissies” is selected for reprint in Pushcart Prize XLV11: Best of Small Presses (2023 edition) November 2022.

Chris Tompkins ’22

Chris Tompkins, student in the Los Angeles Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, LGBT-Affirmative Psychology Specialization with an expected graduation date of June of 2022, had their book, Raising LGBTQ Allies: A Parent’s Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground, published by Rowman & Littlefield on May 14, 2021. The purpose of the book is to prevent queerphobia and bullying before they begin. “After I had been out of the closet for almost 15 years—and dedicated my life to LGBTQ advocacy work—my 6-year-old nephew, David, asked me at a family function if the woman next to me was my

Leatrice Oram ’16 and Martha Miser ’11

Dr. Leatrice Oram ’16 (GSLC, PhD) and Dr. Martha Miser ’11 (GSLC, PhD) co-authored the article “All Ears: The Gift of the Introvert” that appeared in Coaching Perspectives. Read Dr. Oram’s dissertation A Method to My Quietness: A Grounded Theory Study of Living and Leading with Introversion here. Read Dr. Miser’s dissertation The Myth of Endless Accumulation: A Feminist Inquiry Into Globalization, Growth, and Social Change here.  

Greta Creech

Dr. Greta Creech ’21 (GSLC, PhD) published a new article entitled, “Misaligned Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion in the Intelligence Community” in the International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence. Read Dr. Creech’s dissertation Holding on to Who They Are: Pathways for Variations in Response to Toxic Workplace Behavior Among U.S. Intelligence Officers here.

PhD in Leadership and Change Students and Alum to Present at Conference

PhD in Leadership and Change students LauraLynn Jansen, Cindy Mako Robinson, Kader Gumus, and alumna Dr. Shana Hormann will present at the International Association’s Women in Leadership Conference in Portsmouth, United Kingdom June 15-17, 2022. The conference includes three days of programming including keynotes, reflective conversations, workshops, panels, presentations, and more. The conference will provide space and time for participants to reflect and rejuvenate while inspiring each other and developing research and practice as leaders for today and tomorrow. The schedule and presentations include: Wed, June 15, 8:00 to 8:40am: PhD in Leadership and Change student LauraLynn Jansen will present “Integrated Alchemy: Awakening

Angela M. Franklin ‘20

Angela M. Franklin ‘20 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA in Creative Writing) conducted Our Soul wRITES: Sexual Trauma Undressed, a two-part healing and writing workshop series, presented through the Anansi Writers Workshop during women’s history month in March 2022. The events were held at The World Stage in Leimert Park, in Los Angeles. “After attending several poetry workshops, I noticed a reoccurring theme of sexual trauma being expressed through poets’ work. As an overcomer of violence, I sensed a calling to conduct an intimate setting where women would be free to express themselves without shame or censorship,” said Franklin. “The participants

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