Macall Gordon ’08

Macall Gordon ’08 (Seattle, MA) has conducted and presented research on the influence of what researchers term a “difficult” temperament on infant/child sleep and sleep training efforts, as well as whether there are “upsides”/strengths that accompany that temperament.

“My research challenges the popular notion that extinction is quick, effective, and without side effects for every infant,” said Gordon. “Temperament, development, and physiology directly and tangibly impact the capacity for sleep, as well as outcomes of sleep interventions.”

Gordon will be presenting her research at an infant studies conference in July that critically reviews the literature on the use of extinction for infant sleep and compares it to existing parenting advice on sleep. Both can be seen here.

In addition to being an alum, Gordon is an Affiliate Faculty in Seattle. She currently teaches research methods courses for Applied Psychology students that highlight how to be a competent, critical consumer of research as well as the skills necessary to understand and navigate the discourse around evidence-based practice.