Kristine (Kristina) Bak ’91

Cold Mirage by Kristina Bak book cover
Cold Mirage Book Jacket

Kristine (Kristina) Bak ’91 (Seattle, MA in Psychology) had her young adult fiction novel Cold Mirage published by Luminare Press.

A cinematic, multi-layered novel, the second in a series starring Stevie, who heals pain with her touch. Secrets are slippery things, and the most dangerous people already know hers or think they do. Metaphysical gifts, hauntings, and natural phenomena blend in this near-future adventure with Stevie, her friends, and animal companions. 

Kristina Bak writes stories and novels for readers age 12 to 112. Her work has been described as “cinematic,” which makes sense to her since she sees what she creates first as a movie in her mind, then puts it into words or pictures to share with her readers.