Kristin Leong ’10

Kristin Leong ’10 (Seattle, MA Education) has been named Executive Director for The Bureau of Fearless Ideas (BFI). BFI is an award-winning writing and tutoring organization serving diverse youth in Seattle’s Greenwood and Yesler Terrace neighborhoods.

Leong comes to BFI from KUOW Public Radio. As the station’s Community Engagement Producer, she hosted specials on Asian American experiences, led inclusion-focused initiatives such as Curiosity Club, and produced and edited stories exploring perspectives that have historically been underrepresented in mainstream media. Previously, Leong was a curator with Town Hall Seattle. She developed programs such as #EducationSoWhite and Parenting While Queer while establishing two new series to amplify voices from our school and LGBTQ communities. Before joining Town Hall, Leong was a public school educator for seven years, serving three terms as a Washington State Teacher Leader and founding as one of 30 international TED-Ed Innovative Educators of 2016.

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Gwynne Garfinkle ‘06

Gwynne Garfinkle’s ‘06 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) poem “a homecoming, a leave-taking” appears in Musings of the Muses (Brigids Gate Press.)

Angela M. Brommel ‘09

Angela M. Brommel ‘09 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) has been named Clark County Poet Laureate for the 2022-2024 term.

Robert Morgan Fisher ‘14

Robert Morgan Fisher’s ‘14 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) unpublished short story “Extremity” is a Finalist for The Missouri Review’s Perkoff Prize.

Tanya Ko Hong ‘13

Tanya Ko Hong’s ‘13 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) poem “Waiting” was read by Los Angeles Poet Laureate Lynne Thompson on the Poems on Air Podcast.

Tanya Ko Hong ‘13

Tanya Ko Hong’s ‘13 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) translation “Thinking About Parents” was published in Defunct.

Tanya Ko Hong ‘13

Tanya Ko Hong ‘13 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) was the winner of the Dritëro Agolli award, at the  International Korçare Poetry Festival.

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